What’s the difference between FlashBack and Windows System Restore (WSR)?

One of our most frequently asked questions from customers is:

“What’s the difference between FlashBack and Windows System Restore?”

The easiest way to answer this question is to look at each service respectively.


Very fast, quite convenient to use

  • Convenient to use, very fast
  • It is not a backup tool. It cannot protect the system from disk failures, cannot revert virus infections
  • Recovers only some system files and registry. All the rest of the data on the drive, including user files are not protected
  • Works in quite a unstable way. There are high chances that it won’t be able to recover the system back after a failure
  • Erases its snapshots in an unpredictable manner. For example, all snapshots may vanish after a defragmentation operation
  • No way to recover individual files or folders

FlashBack by Xeroweight highlights

  • Free of all above mentioned limitations of WSR
  • Is a full backup software protecting from all possible system failures.
  • Backs up all the information on the drive – both system files and user data. FlashBack uses disk imaging technology.
  • Restore speed is normally much higher (due to incremental restore technology), backup speed is slightly slower
  • Provides efficient method to browse and retrieve single files/folders from the backups (using our backup browser)


Considering that Windows System Restore is not a backup tool, and doesn’t protect the user files, it cannot be considered as a replacement for FlashBack.


Download FlashBack and protect your Windows PC from any disaster.