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Dearest Users ,

We have released the second beta of FlashBack by Xeroweight.

We thank you very much for participating in the closed beta tests of AX64 Time Machine/FlashBack. It’s good to receive feedback, both the great and the average. Your continued testing and feedback is of immense help – thanks to you and your support debugging has been rapid and efficient. We hope with this continued momentum, we will be able to release a version of FlashBack that really ‘just works’.

To receive a download link for the latest private beta build, 698 please request one at:



Please uninstall any previous versions of AX64 Time Machine before installing FlashBack. Before testing the FlashBack beta, ensure you have a reliable backup of your system. As this is only a beta, it will be prone to bugs and issues.

If you encounter any abnormalities/bugs please collect logs and send them to: iurie@realcopy.com and info@ax64.com

To  save logs you can do the following:

1.      Right click on the Time Machine icon in the bottom right hand corner in the systray.
2.      Left click on ‘create logs’
3.      Save these logs and attach them to a mail, then send to iurie@realcopy.com and info@ax64.com.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support!

Thank you,

The FlashBack team

Notes: Build 698 contains the following bug fixes/optimizations

  • Fix FlashBack Build 693, hourly backups not working
  • Fix Cannot uninstall AX64 Time Machine issue (see workaround below)
  • Fix Error when enabling Native restore; results in an error -99967
  • Make native (hot) restore default
  • Fix: Hidden partitions not backing up, and thus, bare metal restore not working.



Request a download link by e-mailing: INFO@AX64.COM. 


Note to users encountering uninstall issue, please follow these instructions: 

1. Some users trying to uninstall FlashBack/Time Machine are blocked or it fails to uninstall part way, like the screen shot below. To solve this, follow onto step 2.

1. image

Step 2. 

Run the new v698 installer. It can be obtained by e-mailing INFO@AX64.com and requesting a link. During its installation, the following message will appear, click OK. 

2 image

Step 3

The following prompt will open. Click Yes. The PC will reboot.



Step 4 

After PC reboot, please run the uninstall for the old version. It will work.