Windows 10 Official Build



Dear FlashBack users,

2015 was a year of much refinement for FlashBack. With 2016, we start with a fresh new build and full Windows 10 compatibility along with  a plethora of optimizations and fixes.

We look forward to continue delivering a beter product in 2016 with many new exciting features on the horizon. The team has expanded and we’re hoping to announce some exciting news really soon.

For now, please download the latest version of FlashBack here:




There aren’t many new features, but under the hood this build is an order of magnitutde superior to build 528. We recommend everyone upgrades.

IMPORTANT: Before replacing your current version, we recommend the following steps:

1. Uninstall FlashBack or AX64, restart

2. Install Build 703

3. If you’re having troubles uninstalling – consider using a 3rd party uninstaller like our friends at: 



Here are a list of some of the fixes and optimizations since Build 528:

  • Fix FlashBack Build 693, hourly backups not working
  • Fix Cannot uninstall AX64 Time Machine issue (see workaround below)
  • Fix Error when enabling Native restore; results in an error -99967
  • Make native (hot) restore default
  • Fix: Hidden partitions not backing up, and thus, bare metal restore not working.
  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • Fix BSOD issue with Kaspersky
  • Fix native app compatibility with with Bouncer & Secureaplujs
  • Fix In some circumstances chain or bitmap is invalid and full backup runs instead of incremental
  • Feature: Automaticly search for the USB backup disk
  • Fix: If app is killed while backup in progress the source/destination config is lost
  • Fix: Bug: ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION on hot restore when SecureAPlus or Bouncer installed
  • Fix: Uninstall issue on systems with attached SD readers. Uninstall stuck on calling flashback /uninstall
  • Optimise: When changing drive letters check for the existing last file so only the drive letter changes and then a full backup is not required.
  • Fix on mounting: Drive letter is not assigned.
  • Fix: Backups are not seen within WinRE if the folder is not default (My Backups/AXTM)
  • Optimize: Don’t need to do a backup at the end of the wizard unless a full backup is required