Dear users,

We are very pleased to make this new beta release of Time Machine. A notable new feature is the fast file search function in the backup browser. You can now search for your individual files quickly and restore them from within the backup browser, the function can be found in the top right hand corner.

The new release can be downloaded from here.


Installation instructions:

  • Before installing, please uninstall any version of ax64 you have.
  • After uninstallation, please install the new beta,
  • Restart. 

As this is a beta please use at your own risk and remember to backup your system before testing!



This is Build 624 and includes a tremendous amount of fixes and improvements:

Bug: Backup of Volume is not working after format
Bug: Merge Error C0FFFFF code 0
Feature: Provide an export feature that will export the backup to VHD
Feature: search function in backup browser
Bug: Applications dont flush to disk during VSS
Bug: Unable to backup error “C100000A code 0”
Bug: No Bare Metal restore or backup of EFI volumes
Bug: Have no source volumes
Bug: Numerious restore failures
Bug: Backup fails midway (Frozen)
Bug: Next volumes failed to process: volume D: Cannot enumerate images
Bug: Merge error Recovery partition
Bug: Cannot save backup C1000000 Code 6
Bug: Deleted a volume and recreated to then did an incremental. Should be full.
Bug: Unable to restore a GPT volume over an MBR
Feature: Allow users to restore to smaller volumes
Bug: Cannot save backup parameters
Bug: It seems there is a bug when changing between images fast. The app crashes
Bug: MSR Partition – Merge Error C0FFFFF code 0
Bug: Mount issues on some systems related to disk signature and group policy
Bug: When bitmap is invalid and warm restore started a message box is shown, after it is closed an empty restore window remains
Bug: TMcmd.exe /cmd=list Not Working
Bug: Merge error code c1000104 code 87
Bug on Restore: Error = 0xC1000000 WinError = 0x6, bSimpleRestore=TRUE
Bug: Fix Memory and Handle leaks, heap corruption resulting in occasional app crashing
Bug: Cannot enumerate the images – related to case of “My Backups” folder
Bug: Bitmap invalid issue
Bug: Not responding/Crash app when search within backup images
Bug: Same volume is processed
Bug: error 0xc00000023 after random backup stop
BUG: Fast Restore from WinPE does Full Restore
Bug: MBR Bare Metal Restore will not work if Boot partition is the same as system volume
Bug: [Ticket #900] received merge error after windows unexpected shutdown
Bug: Issue Backup stuck on preparing for 4 minutes
Bug: Backup/Merge/Restore operations hung
Bug: Shutdown or Restart while merge/backup can corrupt backups
Bug: Disk errors are not handled correctly. Please show explicitly that the disk contains bad sector
Bug: Restore failed error: -99968

Known issues to fixed:

Bug: The volume descriptions do not match while restore
Bug: Not all volumes are always being backed up
Bug: Issues setting network folder location
Bug: AXCMD has no progress of backup
Bug: Make AX64 backup to volume GUID and not drive letter
Bug: Remove the line from the backup window as per picture
Bug: Multi-partition restore doesn’t work
Random Bug: Crash on UI thread

The beta will expire in 10 weeks.

You can download the beta here.


For all bug reporting and feedback, please send your logs and information to:

To save logs, right click on systray (time machine icon) and click on create logs.

Have a great weekend,

Wajamus and the AX64 Team