Dear users,

We are very pleased to make this new beta release of Time Machine, which is our largest leap technologically since the first release of our software.

The team is extremely pleased that Hot Restore is back as the default option and now working far more reliably. We have also improved support for the basics including GPT volumes, bare metal restores and restoring to different sized volumes including smaller and larger.

The following major issues are fixed including slow backup speeds, “Cannot save backup” and “Next volume failed to process” errors and various merge issues.

We are also introducing more then 2TB support, export a bootable backup so that it can be booted in Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare Player and the Bulgarian language support.


Note: We recommend starting a new chain of backups with this build to make use of the enhanced features such as bare metal support, restoring to different sized disks and ability to export and be compatible with VMWARE. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

The new release can be downloaded from here.

This release also contains the following optimisations, fixes and features:

  • Fix Next volumes failed to process: volume D: Cannot enumerate images
  • Bug: Clients report that the application is running slow
  • Bug: Cannot save backup C1000000 Code 6
  • Change text “Network” to “Internet”
  • Bug: Language graphics issues
  • Bare Metal restore for backup of EFI volumes
  • Feature: Customize Manual Backup Window
  • Bug: Unable to restore a GPT volume over an MBR
  • Feature: Allow users to restore to smaller volumes
  • Bug: Hot restore fails to restore and freezes

This beta has an expiration date, which is 1 Feb.

Best regards,


AX Team