Hi guys,

We’re pleased to announce a new beta. If you’re interested in testing please register your mail at the mailing list below:

Some major fixes included

#315: Feature: No need to initialize network in WinPE restore if restoring from local disk

#344: Can now change destinations without redoing the full backup

#422: Bug: Issues setting network folder location

#429: Bug: AXCMD has no progress of backup

#430: Bug: AXCMD creates a full backup when using the same path as GUI

#436: Bug: System dialog Browse For Folder doesn’t show mapped drives in Win 8

#437: Unable to restore from network share

#473: Bug: Systray options dont expire with app

#474: Bug: Application does not close during a shutdown process

#475: Bug: Application should stop shutdown during a backup

#500: Bug: Left click system tray icon should open app – same as dblClick

#502: Bug: Remove the line from the backup window as per picture

#531: Feature: Add restart checkbox in the restore wizard

Download Here